• "A great way to get the kids interested in sports." 

    The iMums

    Fun facts about sports

    Can a sailboat go faster than the wind? Can hippos swim? Where does the name for soccer come from? Why are tennis balls yellow? Who is the world's strongest animal? 

    Play and learn

    Each of 34 pages provides an animated snapshot of a sport together with easy text. There is an audio option for non-readers as well.

    Get ready for Rio!

    Zoo Champs app for iPad covers all summer sports, including basketball, soccer, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, judo, archery and many more!

  • "Hippos swimming? Check. Ostriches running? Check. Flamingos in the gymnasium? Check. It’s a nice idea, and puts a friendlier face on the educational content explaining how all these sports work."

    "This app is appealing to kids of many ages. The students we worked with never tired of this stellar app."

    "The children in my class (5 and 6 year olds) have enjoyed using this app to learn more about the Olympic sports. Audio is great for those not yet fluent at reading. Nice clean design and simple easy to use features make this an engaging app for young children."

    We (Bookva Press) were honoured to be mentioned in The Guardian piece among other indie developers who have produced "inventive, well-crafted storybook-apps:" "The best children's apps are about great storytelling and strong characters."

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  • Our app is now a book

    Our app has just been published as a book in Estonia!

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    Get a poster featuring all ZooChamps characters for your bedroom or classroom!

  • Credits

    Julia Karmo & Margit Aasmae

    App Creators

    App creators. We are both mums and Zoochamps was our personal project and the first iPad app we created together. 

    Rasa Joni

    Illustration and Animations

    Rasa is a freelance illustrator and animator, living in Vilnius, Lithuania. Check out her website for links to her latest projects.

    Mobi Lab

    App Development

    Mobile app development studio with perfect mix of creativity and technical wizardry.

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